Numbers Game 15/1/2017=26

Karen Denby My Niuean Way

Look outside the circle-look at astrological influences, weather influences, throwing the stones influences, scattering  the tea leaves influence, tossing the caber influences (not unless you are built like a brick outhouse)

2017 is about doing stuff that you have never done before-thinking ways like you have never done before – I am thinking of becoming a volunteer for elephants I can blow my own trumpet for them.  Or saving whales which is not a new idea but I might actually do it this year & train with Project Jonah & know how to save stranded marine life.

I want to have a spin o9n the velodrome in Cambridge-going there in Feb so will be finding out if I can-I want to grab people by the throat & get them to pay for the numerology charts & tasseology tricks I teach them-everyone wants a freebie – but being a good touch for…

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About Anxiety Busters-Unique Techniques-EFT, Healthy Gut, Affirmations, Creative Visualisation.

loving my grand kids the lights of my life. Numerologist always. EFT Practitioner often. Symbologist forever. Creative writer of all stuff every day. Jimmy Barnes admirer. Leni Riefenstahl fan. David Bowie & Debbie Reynolds & Alan Rickman mourner. Orchid & hoya & hippestrum fanatic. Ukulele practicer. Bicycling Nana. Waka paddler. apple muncher. banana blower. A watcher of dead people in movies. Grace Kelly & Princess Leia & Leni Riefenstahl & storm chaser
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