Initially I thought the a’ole thing was amusing but now I will be writing a book & for all audiences it will be called ‘Take the Bullies by storm’ (working title)


I’m going to help you to become a superman or superwoman-you don’t have to wear your undies over your trousers but it might be fun.  You would certainly get a few laughs or looks if you turned up at workplace dressed as a super hero. But you might like to take a look at a fave actor of mine being a hero in his new movie ‘The Mummy’


After setting yourself up with the affirmation in Episode 2 keep this up every day.  Don’t let up on it and if you have a quiet moment in the office when everyone has gone home go to the bullies office if you can & say this out loud in the room.  This certainly is not possible in many workplaces but as long as you get the words out there & writing them down and keeping in a sealed envelope in your locked drawer is a mighty start.

Your Health Mental & Physical: This is a priority before you do anything after your first affirmation out there thingie.

Ar you run down?  Are you a nervous wreck.  Are you full of wobbly jelly when you think about work or the confronting situation?

does your heart palpitate when the ogre comes into the room?

You need to address this and ensure that you are eating correctly (the occasional sugar binge but not every day). Good Eats and Good Sleeps is the prescription& then you can take the Bullies by Storm!

Ensure you are saying the affirmation when you think about it and before you go to bed and keep that vibration going all the time!!!


Image result for kuthumi masterI AM Light







About Anxiety Busters-Unique Techniques-EFT, Healthy Gut, Affirmations, Creative Visualisation.

loving my grand kids the lights of my life. Numerologist always. EFT Practitioner often. Symbologist forever. Creative writer of all stuff every day. Jimmy Barnes admirer. Leni Riefenstahl fan. David Bowie & Debbie Reynolds & Alan Rickman mourner. Orchid & hoya & hippestrum fanatic. Ukulele practicer. Bicycling Nana. Waka paddler. apple muncher. banana blower. A watcher of dead people in movies. Grace Kelly & Princess Leia & Leni Riefenstahl & storm chaser
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