Bullies are they born or made?

As a child, I was terrified of everything.  If I could have lived with the chooks in the back yard I would have.  They understood me.  I could talk to them for hours and they would nod their heads in agreement.

But of course, I had to be educated, clothed and fed so trips to school, back to the family home, to friends big and small, to town, to ballet lessons etc etc had to be endured.

The time when I met bullies were in my working life.  Authority, a huge fear to accommodate. Despite all my tools of EFT, Catherine Ponder affirmation, swallowing selenium my great love water, I still get the butterflies in the guts syndrome when having to face authority and the unknown.

Now as my 70th birthday approaches at the end of the year (oh wow doesn’t time hike) I look at the advice I would have given my small self.

If you want to hide with the chooks that’s okay but when you get hungry what happens then?  There is only a certain amount of apples and bananas you can eat in a day.  Your diet will have to be varied.  What about having a shower.  You don’t like being unclean, do you?  What about toilet stops?  What about that wonderful book by enid Blyton that has just been returned at the library and you have your name down for it?

So my little person how are we going to manage all the tasks that lay ahead of you?

Staying with the chooks is really not an option.

IMG_2238WIN_20170412_11_15_29_Pro I doubt if you could find the gun that you posed with as your adoptive Dad had them locked away.  And you can hardly lift the gun let alone shoot it.  There would be a lot of people to shoot.  A lot of blood. You don’t like blood.  Remember when you fell over and broke your tooth?  All that blood.  Yuk!

MMMMM so what do we do.  You have a lot of living to do.

Actually, on thinking about the lost opportunities in my life I have a revelation:  I can blame my wooseyness for not being an achiever.  Or can I.  That’s another EFT to look at.  What have I achieved, what do I want to achieve especially now I am looking for a job and nobody wants to pay me. I am a has been that never was anyway.  Oh dear tangent time.



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Hello from Gizzie in the East

Always writing stuff and always thinking I am no good at writing stuff BUT I have just realised I gotta do it – this year is the year to publish something which people will like – what do you want to hear? My stuff? My Creative blurbling? My everyday old Nana rambles? My haiku? My film scripts that have never got off thepage? My poetry that have slipped into a small journal or two? My short stories that are short? The day in the life of a NIuean grandma a has been that has never been?

Once upon a time there was this 3 year old half Niuean girl who was told she was adopted. She had no idea what in the hell that meant but quite liked the sound of the word. Ag op ted.
she thought. she had two dolls one Fay (which she later found out her adoptive mother had named the Niuean girl Pamela Fay) and a doll red. She told everyone who would listen they were her adopted daughters. MMMMM
Her adopted mother never allowed her toplay with Maori-mmmmm – they are ….. she used to say to her adopted Niuean brown faced daughter. mmmmmm

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COD liver oil

Apologies to all cod!!

My latest fave helpful thingee to

Reduce panic experiences

A teaspoon of cod liver oil

A very old fashioned cure all.

I do not suggest you

Try it as I do not advise anything that I ingest

I have just found this helpful & also

My visiting chook who I hope is

Not being fattened up for Easter

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Anxiety Busters-Distractions

via Anxiety Busters-Bullies


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chook chook so glad you survived Christmas

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Sad, happy, happy, sad

Mixture of emotions always at this time of year.

love seeing my beautiful grandkids excited that Santa dropped by.

Kids can help the feeling that things are okay

My mate Neroli passed over Christmas Eve. She really wanted to be around for her Birthday in January. Sad stuff as I remember Terry & Brian this year joined members of my family & friends gone but not forgotten.

Not to be glib about various emotions that come & go but EFT has always helped me through times of stress & extreme anxiety

Brad Yates on YouTube does it for me I hope you can find this helpful too.

My flowering Hoya has given me joy

My flowering lily makes me smile

My son & Gus a happy couple little pigsty old & has his own buggy

Kitty who annoys the sh.. out of me but is sort of cute

Mahia Peninsula one of my fave seaside places

My latest new friend who scratches around & eats the snails that chew on my lilies

So I have a lot to smile about but sometimes frowns are ok

2019 here we come

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Bully for you

via Bully for you

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