Bullies are they born or made?

As a child, I was terrified of everything.  If I could have lived with the chooks in the back yard I would have.  They understood me.  I could talk to them for hours and they would nod their heads in agreement.

But of course, I had to be educated, clothed and fed so trips to school, back to the family home, to friends big and small, to town, to ballet lessons etc etc had to be endured.

The time when I met bullies were in my working life.  Authority, a huge fear to accommodate. Despite all my tools of EFT, Catherine Ponder affirmation, swallowing selenium my great love water, I still get the butterflies in the guts syndrome when having to face authority and the unknown.

Now as my 70th birthday approaches at the end of the year (oh wow doesn’t time hike) I look at the advice I would have given my small self.

If you want to hide with the chooks that’s okay but when you get hungry what happens then?  There is only a certain amount of apples and bananas you can eat in a day.  Your diet will have to be varied.  What about having a shower.  You don’t like being unclean, do you?  What about toilet stops?  What about that wonderful book by enid Blyton that has just been returned at the library and you have your name down for it?

So my little person how are we going to manage all the tasks that lay ahead of you?

Staying with the chooks is really not an option.

IMG_2238WIN_20170412_11_15_29_Pro I doubt if you could find the gun that you posed with as your adoptive Dad had them locked away.  And you can hardly lift the gun let alone shoot it.  There would be a lot of people to shoot.  A lot of blood. You don’t like blood.  Remember when you fell over and broke your tooth?  All that blood.  Yuk!

MMMMM so what do we do.  You have a lot of living to do.

Actually, on thinking about the lost opportunities in my life I have a revelation:  I can blame my wooseyness for not being an achiever.  Or can I.  That’s another EFT to look at.  What have I achieved, what do I want to achieve especially now I am looking for a job and nobody wants to pay me. I am a has been that never was anyway.  Oh dear tangent time.



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I remember young

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Empathy with tears? How to protect yourself

When feeling an empathy for another person suffering with

A mentally challenging condition

Or with grief it is imperative you

Protect yourself from all negativity.

To feel for another is one thing but

To be drawn into their mental space

Is something which you must be aware of.

We can give support & empathise & be sympathetic but avoid being hooked

Into a vibration which can induce

A feeling of desperation

This can happen if you are feeling vulnerable or if you are physically unwell.

The word ‘protection’ is a very strong word to repeat before you

Approach your suffering friend &

Certainly during the visit & after.

Surround yourself with light.

Imagine you are covering yourself from head to toe with light.

Of course if you don’t want to be sucked into the vortex of negativity

Talking to your friend via messenger via phone & writing a letter & sending a card is a positive way to send empathy if you don’t

Feel you can handle the pressure.

Write the word protection in a circle on a piece of paper & place

Your name in the middle along with other names you want protected

This is very effective.

Getting into nature is a great idea.

Shower wash your hair & change your clothes & have clean bed sheets after visiting

Visiting the seaside is great too

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Great tv show


watch this space for next episode

Tune out & in to see how Batman’s Batman became Batman

Love it despite the violence which I really despise but if I close my eyes at those bits can I still call

Myself a conscience objector?

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I frolic in my dreams with dead people

via I frolic in my dreams with dead people

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I frolic in my dreams with dead people

Dreaming about dead people is something I do frequently.

It’s not spooky but I do wake up a bit sad realising I can’t see dead people. My parents would be over a hundred years of age now so I guess they would be a bit fusty!

I like to think I have a few visions when I hear a tinkling bell I think my Mom & Dads are around.
When I have a serendipity moment I think of Helen is looking after me and when I see some of my flowers blooming I think of all the friends I have love and lost.

BUT, last night I went back in time and was down in Cape Palliser with my brother Kelvyn. We were fishing off the rocks and we were laughing as we pulled up these wonderful schnapper.

My brother. as he lay dieing I mentioned alternative healing which would mean restricting his diet and to stop drinking the gim he had consumed in large quantities and continued to do so.

He said ‘I’m going to die so why should I stop doing the things I like doing?”

A question worth pondering. Hmmmm now that I am old I am unsure if I would want quality or quantity.


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Why are we so ‘everything’

Violence to other people-how did we learn such inventive ways to be cruel. Why are we a cruel species? I have been watching movies that have all involved such violence and cruelty, the stories have been really interesting but the violence has seemed to move the story along.
Always good guys and girls and bad guys and girls. Is that all that entertains as well as sad stories about people with horrifically sad lives of violence and abuse. Are we to stick our heads in the sand & get our arses whipped anyway or poke our noses out there to get them broken. How sd we stop people being violent?


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