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Healing the thoughts of paranoia & anxiety

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Healing the thoughts of paranoia & anxiety

Source: Healing the thoughts of paranoia & anxiety

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Healing the thoughts of paranoia & anxiety

What is paranoia?  I feel that a person who feels they are ‘paranoid’ or if somebody says to you continuously ‘You’re just paranoid’.

If you ‘quack like a duck does it mean you are a duck?

I am not a psychologist, I am not a psychiatrist , I did study Psychology 1 & 2 at University I trained as an EFT practitioner in Melbourne and have assisted people in a counselling environment but I must insist that all writing is from my personal experience and from my readings and research and various observations of people SO I wish to repeat the disclaimer of my qualities and what I ‘blog’ is not written in stone.

I define paranoia as a form of compulsive thoughts of a negative nature which cause anxiety to an extreme level (KM-D definition not qualified or recognised by any recognised literary or education establishment)

definition of paranoia from ‘google’

  1. a mental condition characterised by delusions of persecution, unwarranted jealousy, or exaggerated self-importance, typically worked into an organised system. It may be an aspect of chronic personality disorder, of drug abuse, or of a serious condition such as schizophrenia in which the person loses touch with reality.
    • unjustified suspicion and mistrust of other people.

I like to write stuff-if I feel as though I have extreme thoughts and emotions about an issue which is bothering me and waking me at night and is in the forefront of my mind-I write in down.

e.g. – I am going on a flight to a destination that has recently had violent attacks on people ‘I shouldn’t go because

  1. The plane could crash
  2. A terrorist could attack me at the airport when I land, I could be n the middle of a riot and the police could accidently shoot me or I could be attacked at night in my bed as I won’t be able to enforce security in the hotel.
  3. As I will be in a foreign country on my own I might be robbed of my passport and all I.D so nobody will know who I am and my family will not know where to find me…….
  4. etc etc etc

So after writing  this down I go to the statistics of plane crashes per day over the extent of the past 10 years going to my  booked destination:- NIL

Stats for violent attacks at the airport of my destination in the past 10 years: NIL

Number of robberies in the country on tourists in past 10 years: A lot

Solution: get a secure waist passport belt and money belt and wear all the time & put passport and valuable in Motel safe each night-get photocopy of passport and leave a copy with family and in my home (Oh no. My home will be vacant while I am away it could be burgled, burnt down a dinosaur could rise out of the ground & tear my house to pieces and a swarm of wasps could get into my house and….


So, is all this stuff paranoia or is it just anxiety – I would call it the usual behaviour of many women as some of us  are the bearer of children and are naturally concerned for not just ourselves but for the entire human race-genetics-something to research.

So after rationalising & writing down all the ‘worries’ take yourself out of the house & do something physical-bike ride-walking gym-while you are walking listen to music on your ipod or smart phone or listen to Radio NZ on your smartphone or as I do an old little battery operated transistor radio which I have in my pocket.

I love Kim Hill & Jesse Mulligan and all the other amazing presenters-I have instant news which, perhaps can bring on an anxiety attack but I can rationalise with writing & getting stats – I can learn heaps of stuff – Did you know the oldest surf life guard is 88 years of age?His name is Bill Goodwin-YAY I love older achievers as I am an old gel & want to achieve something like writing a book,learning the violin, travelling to somewhere I haven’t been I want to invent something for us oldies that can give oldies a great quality of life instead of sitting in a holding pen of old folks homes waiting for the call of Paul.

So have goals-not always achievable not because you can’t but because you can but you may not have enough time in your day:

Get rid of the black dog of anxiety and paranoia & tap tap tap & do your research and get the stats-don’t listen to others listen to yourself and know you have all the answers

quote from

Professor Russell Snell (radio NZ  24.3.17 0926 ‘We are all odd’ listen to the interview The hunt for autism genes


Remember the good times




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Neurotic People Have A Surprising Mental Advantage


Over-thinking worriers enjoy this unexpected psychological advantage.

High levels of creativity may go hand-in-hand with neuroticism, a new study finds.

It’s because the area of the brain which is linked to creativity also has the tendency to over-think things and worry.

Neuroticism is characterised by negative thinking in a range of areas.

For a long time neurotic people were thought to have a heightened perception to threat.

This doesn’t fit the facts, though, explains Dr Adam Perkins, the study’s first author, said:

“…it’s pretty difficult to explain neuroticism in terms of magnified threat perception because high scorers often feel unhappy in situations where there is no threat at all.

The second problem is, there’s literature showing neuroticism scores are positively correlated with creativity; and so why should having a magnified view of threat objects make you good at coming up with new ideas?”

The neuroscientists noticed, though, that neurotic people…

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The Rain Reigns

Source: The Rain Reigns

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The Rain Reigns

who would have thought that we would be fighting for our clean water.  I didn’t realise there were 2 cows to every NZer wow that is a lot of poop going into our waterways and a lot of dead calf foetuses.

Went to a ‘save water’rally-it rained. I put out the buckets in the back yard to collect the rain for my plants.

I always knew water is the new gold.



The rain reigns



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